Community Resources

This group is responsible for building awareness of TRAN within the community, hosting a community resource fair, having a presence at local conferences, and creating/providing resource packets to families and professionals.  

Want more info on this working group?  Visit the Community Resources page.  
Interested in joining the Community Resources Group?
Email Melissa Schlotterer
, the working group leader.  

Shared Data Base  

This group is working to create a data base to be shared by all TRAN members that will accurately keep statistics of numbers served, ages, services used, and outcomes. This will help benchmark progress as well as allow us to proactively plan for future needs based on information collected.

Want more info on this working group? Visit the Shared Data Base page.
Interested in joining the Shared Data Base Group?
Email Catina Harding, the working group leader. 

Transition and Employment 

This group is working on transition, post-secondary opportunities, and employment information.  We know there is a tremendous need for parents and individuals to have access to planning resources, information, and new opportunities. We are working on putting together information for parents and schools including an on-line resource, identifying college opportunities, and creating employment opportunities.

Want more info on this working group?  Visit the Transition and Employment page.
Interesting in joining the Transition and Employment Group?
Email Jodi Farschman, the working group leader.