the TRAN Steering Team


Ensure TRAN’s initiatives and working groups help TRAN fulfill its purpose, goals and objectives.

Steering Team Membership 

TRAN is guided by a Steering team comprised of all membership types; Evergreen, Service provider, and advocate.   Each Evergreen Member (existing and future)  has a reserved seat on the Steering Team. The 2014 Steering Team member is available for download here

Remaining steering team seats comprised of 4 service provider members and 2 advocate members.  These seats are nominated and elected by entire TRAN membership for a 3 year term with an option of 2nd term.  Initial non-Evergreen steering team members will consist of staggered terms: two – 1 year terms, one – 2 year term, one – 3 year term; all with one renewable 3 year term.

Each Steering Team Member Organization names one representative to serve on the steering team.  While designates are named for participation in the large group meetings, Steering Team Members are expected to attend meetings to ensure continuity and appropriate decision making authority. 

There are two Elected TRAN Steering Team Roles:  TRAN members nominate and elect a Chair and a Vice-Chair from members serving on the TRAN Steering committee. 

TRAN Steering Team Responsibilities include:

1) Financial
2) Planning and Prioritizing
3) Operations
4) Communication