About TRAN membership

Members of the Network are nonprofit organizations, schools, and other public entities providing services to those with autism, their families, and caregivers.   Members agree to support TRAN in service, resources, and financially.  Membership contributions help support the programmatic work of the Network and Working Groups.  2014 TRAN Member Directory available for Download here.  

Membership is organization based (with exception for Advocate members).  Each member designates one individual to represent and act on behalf of the member at meetings.  This representative should have the ability within the organization to direct, manage, and/or deliver autism related programs and services.  

Each member organization may also designate an alternate who can act on behalf of the member organization when the representative is unable to attend.  Representatives and alternates are both welcome to participate in meetings.  Regardless of how many attendees the organization has present, each organization only has one vote in any election or motion.  

Member Responsibilities

All TRAN memberships are yearly and a membership agreement must be signed and renewed each year.  In addition, each member agrees to:

Support and adhere to TRAN operating principles 

Make a yearly membership contribution as defined by their membership type

Commit to actively participate in at least one working group

Provide representation by either the designated representative or alternate, at a  minimum, 75% of all meetings (full membership meetings, working group meetings, and steering team meetings if applicable.

Interested in becoming a TRAN member?  More info here.

Three Types of TRAN Membership

  • Evergreen Members are founding members of TRAN who serve on the Steering Team and are key community builders bringing expertise, a higher level of in-kind resources and membership contribution, and a long-term commitment to sustaining the Network.  
  • Service Provider Members are at the core of the Network bringing their knowledge, expertise, and a level of in-kind resources and membership contribution more commensurate with their ability to offer such support.  
  • Advocate Members are individuals who have an interest in working on behalf of those individuals and families living with autism and helping the organizations who serve them.