the TRAN purpose


TRAN serves as a platform for providers to come together in dialogue and action to better serve individuals with autism and their families and caregivers. In addition to the missions of their respective organizations, members leverage resources and talent to advance agreed upon initiatives which benefit the community. 


TRAN members agreed the following objectives are critical to fulfill the TRAN purpose: 

  • Expanding Community Awareness
  • Supporting/promoting state advocacy efforts for policy changes
  • Having a well-publicized, up to date and widely shared roadmap to ease the navigation of the of the lifespan of services for individuals, caregivers, and professional providers
  • Expanding programs and services that have been identified as an area of needed support/growth (i.e. employment, education and training, education and resources to medical and other professionals, and housing/residential support for those with autism)
  • Expand systemic capacity and the ability of providers to meet service demands
  • Providing professional development for staff of provider agencies
  • Sharing and aggregating accurate and updated data that quantifies community needs and developing plans to ensure those needs are met
  • Leveraging grant and fundraising opportunities that meet community needs and require the involvement of multiple parties to access those funds