The TRAN Story

The network began as an initiative of the Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism (GLCA), a non-profit organization formed in 2004 by Bob and Suzy Tyner to honor their son who has autism.  

Locally, thousands of families that we knew of were affected by autism.  Historically in Northwest Ohio, support and services have been fragmented, disjointed, difficult to access, or non-existent.  With this knowledge and guided by a commitment to collaboration and compassion, large organizations such as ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital, Mercy, and the University of Toledo came together with smaller autism service organizations such as Bittersweet Farms and Autism Society of Northwest Ohio to form a new network called Toledo Regional Autism Network (TRAN).  By leveraging the resources of the respective organizations, we knew TRAN would better serve the needs of individuals with autism and their families and caregivers. 

Through the Strategic Partnership Alliance Grant from the Toledo Community Foundation, GLCA contracted with La Piana Consulting, an organization specializing in work with non-profits, to bring together community partners to create a collaborative agreement in 2011.